Gary Hurdman

GHOTOGRAPHY is for the most part, the photography of me, Gary Hurdman.

I suppose the first thing you need to know about me is that I once took a policeman for an unintended ride on the bonnet of my car. It isn’t as dramatic as it sounds. It happened after he stepped out into the road with a raised hand. “Ah dagnammit!” I thought, as I was just edging over the speed limit. So I slowed down and started to pull in. And he sort of kept moving in front of me as though he’d had enough of it all and was committing suicide by pull in. It didn’t occur to me that he was trying to attract the attention of the car behind and just wanted me out the way. It ended in the worlds slowest game of tig and tag until eventually, he jumped on the bonnet of my car. I think he wanted to just end the game. He sent me on my way with an earful of expletives. So I guess the car behind was being driven by a mafia boss or something.  There's more . . .

The next thing you need to know is that I’m older than 25. Indeed, I was born in a time when no man had walked on the moon. Neil Armstrong put an end to that a few months after my birth. Another world event following my birth is that the Beatles split up. I’m really sorry, it almost feels like One Direction is all my fault.

I'm a husband and a dad to two boys. 

I'm a biker. I ride a Triumph now, Triumphs are cool.

You're here because you either want a photographer or have an interest in photography, so why don't I get to the point eh?  I've been active in photography or 20 years or so and I'm the Membership Secretary at my local photographic society.  I'm available for any photographic assignment but find that people tend to like me for my portraits, whether that's for business or your family, whether it's for you, a loved one or a whole group of your family, that's what people seem to like me for.

Why don't you check out My Ghotographs and have a gander at the kind of work I produce.

In short, all you need to know is that I’m a dad, a husband, a motorcyclist, a cyclist, a photographer and a nerd.