I spent a night this week shooting Scarlett Jane.  Scarlett is a local model and like most the people I've met in photography, an absoulte pleasure to work with.   And she's perhaps one of the most striking looking people I've ever met.   I look forward to shooting her again sometime.

So here’s a teaser image.  Plenty more to in the gallery!  

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I spent last night shooting Sammi Fierce.  Sammi is a local model who was a pleasure to shoot.   Sammi isn’t a difficult person to work with and appears to be just the right level of nuts.  There was as much laughing as there was shooting.  I look forward to shooting her again sometime.

So here’s a teaser image or two.  Plenty more to come!

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My oldest nipper turned 10 the other day and he fancied a trip out to Monkey Forest up near Stoke.

Quite an interesting way to spend a couple of hours.  Unlike a zoo where the animals are kept in cages, the monkey's have the run of a large enclosure.

And unlike a safari park, you walk rather than drive around.  It's cool, there's no barrier between you and the animals.  Which for a photographer is a bit of a dream.

Here's a picture.

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Leanne Voice

I was approached by another photographer if I'd like to take part in creating some promotional material for Ciara Gallagher, a make up artist.  Ciara had a Bridal Fayre Event booked and wanted some images to help make stand more

A chance I thought I shouldn't pass up and as a result, had the pleasure of working with two models, Stella Tequilla and Leanne Voice,  Kirsty Jayne the hair stylist and of course, Ciara herself. 

Want to see the results?

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