My oldest nipper turned 10 the other day and he fancied a trip out to Monkey Forest up near Stoke.

Quite an interesting way to spend a couple of hours.  Unlike a zoo where the animals are kept in cages, the monkey's have the run of a large enclosure.

And unlike a safari park, you walk rather than drive around.  It's cool, there's no barrier between you and the animals.  Which for a photographer is a bit of a dream.

Here's a picture.



This was a trip out for the nipper rather than a photographic day out for me so didn't want to hold the day up with me waiting for the right light, or for a monkey to move 2cm to the left, so didn't get a great many pictures.  

Worth a visit, even if you're not a snapper!  We all enjoyed our visit even if the monkey's did get a bit rowdy and my youngest nearly filled his trousers. But they both want to go back so it couldn't have been that bad!

Visit the Monkey Forest Website for more information.