The Mitchel Philips Band

I was recently asked to grab a few pictures of a young band in one of their first concerts at the O2 Institute in Birmingham. For photographers who might be interested, I think it's fair to say it was a challenging shoot. Low light means pushing a high ISO (or using flash but that risks sucking the atmosphere out of the shoots). Light is constantly changing and the...

The D Day Juniors

The manager of the D Day Juniors (and D Day Darlings) dropped me a message to ask if I'd capture the fist ever headline concert of the Juniors. What I found was a talented bunch of kids who could belt out the tunes of many a musical.  

A Trip To Cumbria

I think it's fair to say that outside of portraiture that I do commercially and for fun, the genre I like shooting is Landscape. I have just got back from a family break up in Cumbria which is just a Landscape Photographers paradise.  And fortunately for me, my family are cool with letting me run off and take some pictures.  Maybe a little too cool,  Hmmm.

Gary's LRPS Panel

I'd forgotten all about this.  I created a video about my LRPS panel and never shared it.   Consider that issue resolved!

Cornish Landscapes

Last week I took a trip out to Cornwall with my family and a good bunch of friends.  They're an understanding bunch and were more than happy to see me shoot off to grab a few pictures. Maybe too happy? So I shot off to a few local photography hotspots with my ND filters and for the night shot, a powerful torch to light up some points of interest.