Cornish Landscapes

Last week I took a trip out to Cornwall with my family and a good bunch of friends.  They're an understanding bunch and were more than happy to see me shoot off to grab a few pictures.

Maybe too happy?

So I shot off to a few local photography hotspots with my ND filters and for the night shot, a powerful torch to light up some points of interest.

This night shot was taken near Gwithian on the road up to Godrevy.  I saw the lifeguard's shack earlier in the day on a bit of a reccy of the location.  I thought it would make an excellent subject for lightpaining and I like the final image.  It's made of a number of images that were needed to catch the dynamic range of the scene at night, especially once I started painting in the shack with quite a powerful torch in a number of long exposures.  The lighthouse wasn't on, I'm afraid I cheated in Photoshop to make it look like it was shining a light out to vulnerable sailors.  

This is Godrevy lighthouse.  I took this from the edge of the rocks, quite high up.  A path led me here that wasn't for the faint hearted, narrow, uneven and right on the cliff edge. But, it was worth it and the light was kind to me, could’ve been better but I was only there for a short time and had to shoot what I had.

Godrevy again.  This time, taken from the rocks on the beach.  This is quite accessible and just a short walk from the upper carpark at Godrevy National Trust if you're going there.

And this should be recognisable by all.  I didn't go at the best time but as working around family and friends.  The tide was on it's way out and I spotted these rocks to the left of the mount as you look at it from the mainland.  I thought they would make fair foreground interest.   The sky was quite overcast and offered little contrast for the image.  I think this may work better in mono, what are your thoughts?  Drop me a note and let me know.

While we're here, I'd still like to reunite a traveller with their images.  Please have a look here and share the link via the social media buttons at the bottom right of the article: Have You Lost Your Pictures?