Image Theft

In addition to the commercial images I create, I create images for the joy of creating images.  I sometimes enter these images into competitions and I've enjoyed varying degrees of success. I share the images online.  And I know that people have downloaded those images and used them as the desktop on the PC.

Lighting Workshop

Coming very soon: Studio lighting workshop for beginners. We're working with the very experienced photographer and studio owner Barry Philips of Aura Photographic Studio to bring to you the first studio lighting workshop for novice photographers.
Sophie Cooper wanted to give modelling a go.  So with along with Aura Photographic Studio and make up artist Vicky Aldridge we dropped in a session for some beauty portraiture.
Other photographers will agree that the question we often get asked by people thinking about taking photography more seriously is: -
If you're not a photoshop nerd, look away now . . . I was surprised to learn how few photographers were aware that you could use a Black And White Adjustment Layer to fine tune the colours in a colour image.  It comes down to blending modes.