About Us


A family will want a portrait to show the personality of their loved ones.  A family will want to see the family bond right there, hanging pride of place on their living room wall.  A family will want to remember how an event made them feel, not just what a few people looked like.  It's more than an image, it's an atmosphere, it's a memory.  An image can be captured by anybody with a phone.  To capture an emotion takes years of practice and it's not worth leaving to chance.

A business rises or falls on the image it projects.  Put a snap on your website or literature and you cheapen your offering.  You might be the best in your field, but if you promote yourself less than professionally, your potential customers will consider you less than professional.  Whether you need images for your products, people or services, GHOTOGRAPHY can help your customers see the real you.  The you that they want to engage.

Gary Hurdman


We're experts at taking portraits. All kinds of portraits. But we work with photographers from all fields.

Family Photography

They grow up fast.  We've been capturing the memories of families in the studio, at home and at play.

Event Photography

The event may be over, but the images will last a lifetime.  You and your family will want to  remember the good times.  As a business, you want to show your customers your success.

Business Photography

You want headshots for the internet and print.  You want photographs that help you show off your services.  You definately want the images to wow.  Don't leave it to chance, contact us now.

Product Photography

Flat images will result in poor sales.  You need the wow factor.  In the studio or on location we will create the images that will help you find those new customers.

Model and Actor Photography

Actors need headshots.  Models need portfolios.  As photographers it's what we do.  We're good at this.  Put yourself ahead of the competition and create with images with us.

Photography Tuition

Our principle photographer is also a tutor for an international school of photography.  If you want to learn how to create your family portraits yourself, we're ready to get you there.


You might have seen our photography online and in print across some media outlets. 


Our aim is to deliver high quality, creative photography to families and businesses by applying our skills and experience at a fair price to all