Magical Mono

Monochrome photography, also known as black and white photography, is an art form used to capture the world around us. The art of creating a monochrome photograph goes beyond capturing an image in black-and-white, the lack of colour demands that a scene be interpreted using other forms, such as texture, shape and contrast.  To create a good monochrome photograph, t...

Sophie Cooper

Sophie Cooper popped into the studio again.  I'll say this again, I'm glad I had the opportunity to shoot her before she becomes too famous and I can no longer afford her!  

The Mitchel Philips Band

I was recently asked to grab a few pictures of a young band in one of their first concerts at the O2 Institute in Birmingham. For photographers who might be interested, I think it's fair to say it was a challenging shoot. Low light means pushing a high ISO (or using flash but that risks sucking the atmosphere out of the shoots). Light is constantly changing and the...
Christmas is on its way!  Many people will be thinking about buying a camera for a loved one, or using vouchers to buy themselves one. We often get asked, which is the best camera to buy? And as you’d expect, it’s not an easy answer.

The D Day Juniors

The manager of the D Day Juniors (and D Day Darlings) dropped me a message to ask if I'd capture the fist ever headline concert of the Juniors. What I found was a talented bunch of kids who could belt out the tunes of many a musical.