Magical Mono

Monochrome photography, also known as black and white photography, is an art form used to capture the world around us. The art of creating a monochrome photograph goes beyond capturing an image in black-and-white, the lack of colour demands that a scene be interpreted using other forms, such as texture, shape and contrast.  To create a good monochrome photograph, t...

A Return To Film

Film photography appears to be rising in popularity amongst some photographers.  I've even seen some photographers shoot nothing but film.   Even wet plate photography has been on the rise (something I might have to have a go at myself).  
I susbcribe to a few photography periodicals.  The British Journal Of Photography, The Journal Of the Royal Photographic Society (it comes with my RPS membership) and Black and White Photography Magazine. A few months ago (issue 274) I noticed a picture and thought to myself "I took a picture a bit like that" and didn't think much else about it.
That's right, I don't like this picture.  I took it the other day on a family trip out.  I snuck off in the night to grab it.  I'd researched the area and decided on what I wanted to take, but here's why I don't like it and why I wanted to share it with you.

On The Selfie

You can see I've given it a go.  That's my interpretation of a selfie that was kind of forced during the height of the pandemic (wasn't allowed to meet other people so the only person I could take a picture of was me).  Until then, I've never been about the selfie.   But there are a couple of photographers I admire that are all about the selfie.