I Took A Picture. I Don't Like It.

That's right, I don't like this picture.  I took it the other day on a family trip out.  I snuck off in the night to grab it.  I'd researched the area and decided on what I wanted to take, but here's why I don't like it and why I wanted to share it with you.

I said I'd planned this.  That's kind of true but within some parameters. I knew I'd be visiting the area staying in Llandudno and wanted to take an image of the sea front.  It being a family trip I had to make do with the small window of time I had to take picture, which means I had no choice about considering where the tide was.  So my first choice for the place I wanted to grab the image from was underwater.

I was also stuck with the lighting conditions.  I was planning on getting there before sunset.  And after a meal with family and friends I was on track.  I arrive at the place I planned to park and found all spaces taken.  Not to worry, it looked as though there was more parking just ahead.  I looked wrong, what I thought would lead to a car park turned into a narrow coastal path that led me onto a very nice 20 minute round trip.  Don't get me wrong, if you end up on a 20 minute diversion, this is the 20 minute diversion to take. It's a lovely coastal road with some other potential photo locations.  Well worth a drive. But not when your light is disappearing and you have an image in mind.

So I arrive back at the car park and found a space.  I also found a parking ticket machine out of order with a notice that there is no charge.  So that at least, was a bonus.  

I made my way down to the beach and checked out a few places to take the shot, settled on what you see.  I'll be honest, wasn't feeling it at the time and with light gone and being pushed for time, elected to not use the ND filters or more importantly polariser.

I took a couple of variations on a theme, and drove back to my family.

Once home and during the edit I wasn't feeling the joy and decided that I wouldn't be putting any more effort into the picture.

So why share it?  If it's not so great, why talk about it?

A number of reasons.  I learned that planning is important.  OK, I knew that but it was a good reminder that you plan the image and create the image to the plan.  Don't get me wrong, you can get a little "Jazz" about things and still get an image but if a location is important to what you want to create, knowing when you're tripod spot isn't 4 foot underwater matters.  

Giving yourself enough time for things to go wrong or to rework the plan can be important.

It's a nice personal story.  OK, nothing I'll ever get to dine out on but I really did enjoy the unplanned drive around the coast and probably found a couple of good photo spots.  There's an interesting looking lighthouse there that I'd not know about before.

Somebody might like it.  I don't but I don't speak for everyone, feel free to tell me what you think on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

And finally, it's good to make mistakes. You learn from them and every now and then you get a corking image from them, as I did here.

While we're here, I'd still like to reunite a traveller with their images.  Please have a look here and share the link via the social media buttons at the bottom right of the article: Have You Lost Your Pictures?