Christmas is on its way!  Many people will be thinking about buying a camera for a loved one, or using vouchers to buy themselves one. We often get asked, which is the best camera to buy? And as you’d expect, it’s not an easy answer.
Portrait photography is the art of capturing a person's personality or their mood.  Great portraits capture more than an image, they tell a story.  Yes, it's possible to take a great portrait with your mobile phone. Focus on your subject.  Focus on their eyes, they are after all, the window to their soul.
Everyone has a camera on them today.  Everyone is taking pictures and sharing them with family and friends on social media.  Here's 5 top tips to make your images stand out from the crowd.

I Cleared The Leaves

I cleared my garden of leaves last weekend.  It seemed to take an age but it did inspire me to shoot what I found.  So here's a few pictures of some rubbish I found in my garden.
You might have seen my images that made up "The Cannibal's Garden".  I put together a quick tutorial on how I put the images together. Not a detailed tutorial, this is more of a high level "how to" guide. Some assumptions are made that you're comfortable with a mirrorless/SLR camera and that you have a basic understanding of Photoshop (layers, adjustment layers, bl...