Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching And Restoration.

Taking an image is half the story.  A quality finish is important and a small tweak here an there will make a great image greater.  We can also remove that massive spot that appeared on your nose on the day of a shoot.  We can also take out your ex from a cherished picture (in a photographic sense, you can't hire us for a "hit")

Old photographs can take the odd knock.  Let's turn history back and have them looking the like the day they came out of the chemists.

Photo Editing

Just some of the ways we can edit your image

Remove Black Eyes

You;d be surprised at the number of kids that turn up with the results of the last time they fell out the climbing frame on their face.

Remove That Big Spot

Acne can strike anytime.  No need for it to spoil the memory of your photoshoot

Take Out Your Ex

Obviously, we can take out your ex. But only in a photographic sense, we're not hit men.

Put You Anywhere

The limit is your imagination.  We can have you flying a broomstick, fighting a dragon or anywhere impossible.

Photo Restoration

Time can be unkind to old photos.  Our favrourite images can get knocked about over time.  Let's bring them back to life . . .

Repair Torn Images

We can "stitch" torn images back together.

Put Back Missing Pieces

It may be possible for us to rebuild an image with lost peices.

Restore Your Memories

Don't let your history fade, bring the image back to life.

Colourise Old Black And White Images

Add some colour.  Memories don't have to be in black and white.

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