Have You Lost Your Pictures?

Are you this person?  Do you know this person?  I'd like to reunite them with their pictures!

I recently enjoyed the failure of a memory card.  Not a big deal, we have a few dotted about the house.  I checked in a draw, picked a few out and checked them to check that there weren't any family pictures on them.  First couple of cards had some pictures of the kids.  Then I found a card absolutely full of travel pictures. 

But not to places I've travelled to.  

And the people in the pictures, I didn't recognise them.  Certainly were not my family.  

Parking the jealousy I had for the travels that the people on this card had been enjoying, I had a couple of questions.  

Who are they?

Are they missing some pictures that represent some fantastic memories?

Where did this card come from and how did it end up in our "spares" drawer?

First things first, do you recognise the people in these pictures and if so, can we return them to their owner?

Looking at the dates on the files within the card, many of the images were taken in 2013.  There's a face that turns up a lot so I'm guessing that the card is hers.  It would be fantastic if we could get these images to their rightful owner so please have a flick through the images above and see if you recognise anyone there.

Give me a shout via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on one of my social media channels if you're in these images.  

If you're not in these images, share using the social media buttons just below.  Do it . . . .