Gary is Featured in Black And White Photography Magazine

I susbcribe to a few photography periodicals.  The British Journal Of Photography, The Journal Of the Royal Photographic Society (it comes with my RPS membership) and Black and White Photography Magazine.

A few months ago (issue 274) I noticed a picture and thought to myself "I took a picture a bit like that" and didn't think much else about it.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was sat at my desk when the post man dropped a large tubed package at my door.  I hadn't ordered anything so was a little intrigued.  It turned out to be a large print of the image.  

I was confused.  I hadn't ordered it.  t took me an embarrassingly long time to realise that it this was the prize for being published in Black and White Photography Magazine those few months back.  It was my image!

It's an interesting image to me.  It's not the image I went to the Lake District for.  I wanted punchy, bright Autumnal colours but the British weather had other ideas. When I took this image I had an idea that I would make the most of the mist, give it a minimilast feel.  I knew it had to be in monochrome.  It had to be.

So I'm happy with it and pleased that other people found it interesting enough to publish in print.  

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