Gary's LRPS Panel

I'll be honest, a year or so back I didn't think I'd go for distinctions. 
I was considering looking at what the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) did but then I attended a well timed zoom seminar run by the RPS (The Royal Photographic Society) and the PAGB. They talked through what was involved in each and what each organisation looked for in their panels.
I'd joined the RPS by the end of the seminar. My decision was made.
My panel was entered into the RPS assessment for the 13/04/2022. 
I was working but found myself with half hour spare so I logged into zoom in the hope I'd get lucky and see my panel being assessed. What I actually saw was someone say "so many thanks to all who attended and help run the day" and the session closed. If I was in a lottery to guess when the day would end I'd be booking my appointment with an Aston Martin dealer right now.
Long story short, I have the certificate for a successful LRPS panel hanging on my office wall.
Go me!
If you would like to see all the images in the panel, you can find them here on my Behance profile