The Impossible Location

The camera never lies.  Except it does.  And Photoshop's pants are on fire.  

Using both I created the impossible location.  The poppy field that I used for these images is located in Minworth (or was, I believe that a developer has started building a housing estate on the site now), the people were not there at the time, it was another time and their picture taken in another location. You may recognise the background as the mountains near Derwentwater in Cumbria.

Not only can the location not exist in space, it can't exist in time either.  Poppies grow in the Spring.  Yet the trees in the background are clearly moving into autumnal colours.  

But it works for me.  I like the location.  So much so I placed a few people in it. 

The camera does lie.  I'm a fan of it's creative little fibs.