I Cleared The Leaves

I cleared my garden of leaves last weekend.  It seemed to take an age but it did inspire me to shoot what I found. 

So here's a few pictures of some rubbish I found in my garden.

There is a point to these pictures.  They show that everything we do is an opportunity to create an image.  These images won't ever win any awards but they did keep me occupied for a while.  

I had some creative questions to ask myself

  • How am I going to take these images?
  • What background should I give them?
  • What colour treatment should I give them?
  • Should there be colour?
  • What other editing options should I think about?
    • Texture, crop, layers, should I remove bits?

It turns out, clearing the leaves ended up with a creative exercise.  There's no shortcut to good photography.  To become good you have to do it.  Do it a lot.  While these images aren't award winners, they're the foundations to the next image that might be.

While we're here, I'd still like to reunite a traveller with their images.  Please have a look at this link and share the link via the social media buttons at the bottom right of the article: Have You Lost Your Pictures?