A Trip To Cumbria

I think it's fair to say that outside of portraiture that I do commercially and for fun, the genre I like shooting is Landscape. I have just got back from a family break up in Cumbria which is just a Landscape Photographers paradise.  And fortunately for me, my family are cool with letting me run off and take some pictures.  Maybe a little too cool,  Hmmm.

The above I took at Blea Tarn.  Easy to get to by car if you don't mind the odd narrow country lane.  So narrow that if I'd had an extra layer of paint on the car, I'm sure I'd have scraped both sides of it.

Kelly Hall Tarn at sunset

This is Kelly Hall Tarn at sunset.  Another place easy to reach by car.  A short, one minute walk gets you to the tarn from the parking spot but it is really boggy.  Or was when I visited.

a black and white image of the Waterfall at Rydal Hall

This one I took at Rydal Hall.  It's not quite the picture I had in mind but I was on my own and I felt that traversing the stream to get to the ideal spot would've resulted in my camera equipment going for a swim, so I kind of bottled it.

I have a few others, check out my instagram page, they're sure to pop up there too.

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While we're here, I'd still like to reunite a traveller with their images.  Please have a look here and share the link via the social media buttons at the bottom right of the article: Have You Lost Your Pictures?