Christmas is on its way!  Many people will be thinking about buying a camera for a loved one, or using vouchers to buy themselves one. We often get asked, which is the best camera to buy? And as you’d expect, it’s not an easy answer.

The D Day Juniors

The manager of the D Day Juniors (and D Day Darlings) dropped me a message to ask if I'd capture the fist ever headline concert of the Juniors. What I found was a talented bunch of kids who could belt out the tunes of many a musical.  

A Return To Film

Film photography appears to be rising in popularity amongst some photographers.  I've even seen some photographers shoot nothing but film.   Even wet plate photography has been on the rise (something I might have to have a go at myself).  

A Trip To Cumbria

I think it's fair to say that outside of portraiture that I do commercially and for fun, the genre I like shooting is Landscape. I have just got back from a family break up in Cumbria which is just a Landscape Photographers paradise.  And fortunately for me, my family are cool with letting me run off and take some pictures.  Maybe a little too cool,  Hmmm.

Gary's LRPS Panel

I'd forgotten all about this.  I created a video about my LRPS panel and never shared it.   Consider that issue resolved!