I Cleared The Leaves

I cleared my garden of leaves last weekend.  It seemed to take an age but it did inspire me to shoot what I found.  So here's a few pictures of some rubbish I found in my garden.

On The Selfie

You can see I've given it a go.  That's my interpretation of a selfie that was kind of forced during the height of the pandemic (wasn't allowed to meet other people so the only person I could take a picture of was me).  Until then, I've never been about the selfie.   But there are a couple of photographers I admire that are all about the selfie.
You might have seen my images that made up "The Cannibal's Garden".  I put together a quick tutorial on how I put the images together. Not a detailed tutorial, this is more of a high level "how to" guide. Some assumptions are made that you're comfortable with a mirrorless/SLR camera and that you have a basic understanding of Photoshop (layers, adjustment layers, bl...

John Adams - MND Warrior

Last week I popped out to see John Adams. He's a bit of a local hero and when I was asked if I could take his picture to help raise funds for the MND Association, I didn't need to be asked twice.

Have You Lost Your Pictures?

Are you this person?  Do you know this person?  I'd like to reunite them with their pictures!