You might have seen my images that made up "The Cannibal's Garden".  I put together a quick tutorial on how I put the images together. Not a detailed tutorial, this is more of a high level "how to" guide. Some assumptions are made that you're comfortable with a mirrorless/SLR camera and that you have a basic understanding of Photoshop (layers, adjustment layers, bl...

John Adams - MND Warrior

Last week I popped out to see John Adams. He's a bit of a local hero and when I was asked if I could take his picture to help raise funds for the MND Association, I didn't need to be asked twice.

Have You Lost Your Pictures?

Are you this person?  Do you know this person?  I'd like to reunite them with their pictures!

The Impossible Location

The camera never lies.  Except it does.  And Photoshop's pants are on fire.  
If you want to talk to me about "NFT Photography" be prepared for a really short conversation.  It may offer two words and the second one might indicate I'd like you to go somewhere else.